During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell


An "inspection" consists of the examination of a product, a process (may include people, plants, technologies and methodologies), a service, or an installation, or a design thereof, carried out to determine its compliance with specific requirements or, on the based on professional judgment, with general requirements.

The result of the examination, with the consequent judgment of conformity, refers to the specific object inspected, in the conditions in which the examination was performed, and is detailed in an inspection report and / or summarized in an inspection certificate.

Due to the typical peculiarities of the products, processes, services or installations connected to the safety of the subsystems and constituent components of the railway system, often required to comply with very variable reference requirements, that is, very numerous and not found in a single reference document, the inspection activity carried out by an adequately competent Body plays an essential role in all the authorization procedures preparatory to its use in normal operating conditions.

In the practical impossibility of having, for each inspected object, a specific dedicated certification technique, it is essential to exercise reliable professional judgments, formulated by a Body capable of ensuring adequate skills and reliable methods of collecting evidence and justifying evaluations.

In order to ensure the market the utmost confidence in the conformity assessment system implemented, called to evaluate and certify the conformity of products, processes and systems capable of influencing the safety of the railway system, ISARail SpA provides inspection services supported by the possession of awards and accreditations issued by legally competent bodies.

The main types of services provided under accreditation, recognition or notification, divided by type, are summarized below.

Recognized by the National Agency for Railway Safety (ANSF) as an Independent Railway Body (OIF) pursuant to Article 3, crr of Legislative Decree 50/2019 in the verification of railway components and subsystems relating to all subsystems, of structural and functional nature, into which it is divided by current regulations, namely:

• Rolling Stock;
• Infrastructure;
• Power;
• Ground and On-board Control-Command and Signaling;
• Operation and Traffic Management;
• Maintenance;
       and in the sectors:
• Combined Transport;
• Common Safety Methods.
• ECM certifications

Conformity Inspection and Assessment Services

Inspection and conformity assessment of all products, processes, services and installations in the railway sector, in relation to the technical and safety requirements which they are required to comply with pursuant to current legislation on railway safety.

By way of example, these services include:

• assessment of the conformity of vehicles, subsystems, generic applications and generic products or components to the safety requirements defined by the applicable national technical standards, with the possible identification of mitigations and / or restrictions of use necessary for this and the issue of corresponding reports safety assessment;
• assessment of the consistency between the configuration of vehicles, subsystems or applications described in the relative technical dossier and the actual state of the inspected object;
• assessment of completeness and congruence of dossiers prepared for the authorization to put into service of structural subsystems or vehicles, before submitting them to the competent authority for issue;
• evaluation and tracking (follow-up) of corrective actions and / or application conditions that may be necessary for the effectiveness of the authorization processes;
• supervision of the installation and inspection of the configuration of structural subsystems or parts of them for the purpose of implementing test programs aimed at the approval and / or authorization of said subsystems;
• definition, organization and management, under its own responsibility, of online test runs of vehicles or test programs on structural subsystems or parts of them, in order to ensure that they are carried out in compliance with the planning provided for in the authorization procedure and safe management;
• etc

CSC Inspection Services (International Convention for Safe Containers - Geneva 2 October 1973)

As required by current legislation (Presidential Decree No. 448 of 04/06/1997 and ANSF Decree No. 3/2015) for the verification of the state of the containers approved for combined transport pursuant to the same legislation, and to check the regular format and the correct affixing of the mark prescribed for them.

The services that ISARail SpA is able to offer cover the entire range of obligations envisaged by ANSF Decree n.03 / 2015 and include, for containers (UCI, semi-trailers and removable crates):

• the verification of the possession of the requisites foreseen by the UIC form no. 591;
• evaluation of the coding process, including the evaluation of the results of the resistance tests required by the relevant EN standards and / or UIC fiches;
• direct ascertainment of the requisites necessary for issuing the code;
• instruction at ANSF of the authorization procedure for the nulla osta;
• printing of the coding plate and verification of its correct affixing according to the EN 13044-1 standard;
• filing and custody, in accordance with the law, of the documentation connected with the admission procedure;
• carrying out the periodic control visits required by law to ascertain the maintenance of the safety requirements for traffic;

and, for specialized wagons for combined traffic:

• evaluation of the process for issuing the corrective figure at national level.

AsBo body (CSM Assessor)

Pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of MIT n ° 37 of 28.06.19, ISARail SpA is qualified to take on the role of AsBo "Assessment Body of the risk management procedure" accredited pursuant to Regulation (EU) No. 402/2013 " Application of the Common Safety Method (CSM) for risk assessment "with Ministerial Decree MIT No. 27 of 05.05.2020.

Inspection services, as required by Reg. (EU) no. 402/2013, aimed at ascertaining whether a given system meets the safety requirements, based on the correct and effective implementation of a compliant risk analysis and management procedure the prerogatives prescribed by current legislation. The assessment activity carried out by the ISARail SpA Body includes:

• analysis of the documentation relating to the significant change provided by the proposer;
• assessment of the procedures applied to manage safety and quality in the design and implementation phases of the significant change;
• assessment of the application of these quality and safety procedures in the design and implementation phase of the relevant changes.

The results are summarized in a safety assessment report, containing an opinion on the adequate application of the risk management procedure with respect to the regulatory requirements and the relative results, so that the safety characteristics (qualitative and / or quantitative) necessary for the design, the operation (including the operating rules) and maintenance of the system are adequate to achieve the safety objectives established by law or by the proposer himself.

ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 Type A Inspection Body (accreditation n ° 065E)

Conformity assessment activity as a type A Inspection Body (accreditation n ° 065E) accredited by ACCREDIA pursuant to Implementing Regulation (EU) n. 402/2013 Common safety method for the determination and assessment of risks - Body for assessing the risk management procedure ("AsBo"), in the following areas:

Structural subsystems

Functional subsystems and sectors

and their safe integration into the railway system.

Aerial inspections.

Maintaining safety conditions in the railway sector often makes it necessary to carry out inspections aimed at detecting properties or characteristics of subsystems and components (or parts of them) that are difficult to reach. This is the case, for example, of periodic inspections carried out on works of art (bridge spans, pylons, tunnel arches, etc.) or infrastructural elements (electrical pylons, catenary, insulators, etc.) to assess their state of integrity and plan any maintenance and / or replacement interventions.

In such cases the main purpose of the inspection is the acquisition of evidence, visual and / or instrumental, and information relating to the object concerned, provided to the applicant to carry out the related activities, with or without an accompanying evaluation report.

In this regard, in order to carry out inspections in difficult to access environments, ISARail SpA has developed proprietary technologies for the instrumentation of non-intrusive aerial detection systems, capable of providing reliable support for the collection of evidence.

The use of appropriately instrumented RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), combined with a methodology for conducting inspection activities compliant with accreditation regulations, represents a highly innovative solution for the efficiency of the "determination" techniques provided for in the 'functional approach to conformity assessment.