During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell


In urban public transport, the request for  tramways characterized by high performance and high levels of security is growing. Authoritative studies, supported by numerous market research, have repeatedly emphasized the growing satisfaction gained from this type of transportation by local governments and users; associated with a growing expectation on the level of expected performance and safety, in line with the development of railway technology. On that front, ISARail SpA has long been engaged in research programs aimed at enhancing  safety on the tram, by adapting to tramway methods and procedures for operating and signaling typical of the most advanced rail transport systems, supported by appropriate technologies .

The in-depth knowledge of issues and regulations on the exercise and the railway signaling, supported by years of experience in conformity assessment systems and active safety equipment, both on traditional lines than on most modern lines AV / AC lines , has allowed ISARail to develop innovative methods for the assessment of the tram system.

This specific ability is able to offer , to government and major stakeholders in the construction and operation of local transport systems, valuable support to the evaluation of the level of system security, and information on major critical issues and areas for improvement.

Utilising the experience of its technical , ISARail SpA is able to cover all subsystems and applications and all major technologies and features implemented in a modern tramway (eg processing routes, traffic control, communication, ground / air and air / ground, tracking units, support to the conduct, traffic light priority, regularization of service, etc..)