During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell

Light Rail

ISARail collaborates with some light railways in Italy, in order to improve the level of security, maintaining a strong focus on costs of installation and management.

In order to keep costs down and improve, where possible, the security levels, ISARail has prepared appropriate cost / benefit analysis by defining all the documentation rules for the operation and the maintenance, both for infrastructure both for rolling stock.

In this perspective are tested and put into service the technological systems that support the new regulatory issues defined.

In order to monitor the level of safety and quality index of service, as an indipendent safety asserssor, ISARail makes activities of inspection and audit.

ISARail, through innovative approaches,  specific equipment and comparative analyzes, is able to certify issues related to the measures and processes for monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance of infrastructure and rolling stock.

ISARail is also very active in research field aimed at improving the safety of local transport systems.