During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell

Multifunctional Gate

National and International regulations provide for every possible measure to be considered to reduce risks related to any anomaly of a train passing through a long tunnel. In this context RFI installed on one of its lines a prototype called Multifunction Gate.

When conceived, the main idea was to make a system that could stop a train with anomalies such as wrong silhouette and/or temperature, in order to avoid in-tunnel fires, collision and derailments.

At this time there are two prototypes installed on the Rome – Formia – Naples line and managed by RFI.

The main functional requirements have been drafted by RFI. Having two different suppliers, using different technologies and approaches allows the main contractor to push the envelope and verify the limits so to make proper decisions for future development.

ISARail performed the conformity assessment for the functional and system requirements so that the system could detect, from a passing train:

  • Distinctive data of the train such as length, speed, direction, number of cars
  • Temperature of the external components of every car (including axle boxes), identifying those cars with anomalies;
  • Exceeding parts from a reference shape (silhouette), definable with accuracy of one centimeter at speed of 300 kph.
  • Pictures of sides and roof, of such quality as to allow to see details as if the train was still.


During this unique project, ISARail has instrumented a test train to perform different tests on the system.