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ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance)

The European Directive (EU) 2016/798 on railway safety introduced the obligation to identify a person responsible for the maintenance of each of the railway vehicles registered in the national registration register (RIN).

This subject, called ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) or SRM (Soggetto Responsabile della Manutenzione), is called upon to ensure that the vehicles to which it is responsible are able to circulate in safe conditions through a maintenance system that guarantees their maintenance. in accordance with the authorized maintenance plans and the relevant requirements established by national legislation and the TSIs. The latter must implement a maintenance management system in accordance with the European Regulation (EU) 779/2019

An ECM certificate certifying compliance with the requirements of Annex II of European Regulation (EU) 779/2019 is mandatory for all persons in charge of maintenance of freight wagons, or other than a Railway Company or an Infrastructure Manager who carry out maintenance of vehicles solely for the purposes of their own operations. Instead, it is voluntary in the field of entity responsible for the maintenance of vehicles other than those indicated above.

The certification can be issued by a person accredited or recognized by the national railway safety authorities.

In the event that the ECM outsources part of the maintenance activities (e.g. maintenance workshops, sub-contracting companies, etc.), it is required to answer for the compliance of the system implemented by third parties, unless these have obtained, on a voluntary basis, the same certification.

In the case of railway vehicles other than freight wagons, although there is not yet the obligation to certify the ECM, its achievement on a voluntary basis provides the presumption of conformity with the requirements relating to maintenance provided for in the procedures for obtaining the security certificate / authorization. The achievement of a certification for its maintenance management system, therefore, facilitates the process for the Railway Companies, registered in the NVR as ECM for the vehicles operated.