During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

George Orwell


Management structure (click the link)

Sole director

It is the legal representative of the company, he is vested with all powers and functions provided for by law and laid down in the Staff Regulations; he is in charge of operational direction and business resources management on technical-professional, commercial and administrative level.

He is responsible for defining the objectives and the general lines of the business strategy, promoting the implementation of plans and actions to achieve these goals, as well as the implementation of the Staff Regulations and social purposes.

He is legally liable for the certificates issued by ISARAIL Spa in the framework of conformity assessment activities, under accreditation, recognition, or notification.

Board of auditors

It is an independent collegiate body. Its members are appointed by the Shareholder’s Meeting, which is in charge of exercising control over the company pursuant to Article 2403 of the Civil Code, with all the powers and duties provided for by law and laid down in the Staff Regulations.

Evaluation Committee

It is an independent collegiate body, regulated by the Staff Regulations, responsible for safeguarding the impartiality, independence and professional requirements, to which the business management and the activities of the company have to comply with for everything relating to the operability as CAB under accreditation, recognition or specification.

Quality Manager

He works with the management and he is in charge of regulating the procedures relating to the related management system, ensuring the conformity and adequacy compared to the regulatory standards and codes of practice applicable to conformity assessment.

He is the CAB contact person for the accreditation, recognition and notification Bodies for all aspects relating to the achievement, maintenance and updating of the qualifications awarded.

Head of Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP)

He is designated by the Sole Director to coordinate the prevention and protection service from workplace hazards, according to the conditions and duties established by national legislation.

CAB Technical Director

He is responsible, for technical and procedural aspects, for all conformity assessment activities carried out by CAB. With a view to the overall organization and in line with the conditions laid down by the regulations applicable to bodies under accreditation, recognition or specification, he coordinates technically the assessment activities and guarantees the deliberation function on the certifications.

CAB Technical Director substitute

He is asked the same requirements as the CAB Technical Director, he supports his activities and he is ready to continue his work every time that the CAB Technical director is not available or has limited powers due to the importance to safeguard the impartiality and independence requirements.

Business manager

He is responsible for implementing the commercial process with the related procedures as well as the customer relationship management.

RPAS Operations Director

He is responsible for the organization and conduct of operational activities that involve the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems, ensuring the consistency of the mission profiles with the authorizations held by the operator and the effective control of the related safety risks.

Quality Policy and commitment to impartiality, independence, integrity and confidentiality

In light of the high ethical and social responsibility connected to one's role, and of the possible consequences on the health and safety of citizens and users of the railway system, the Company Management has adopted a Quality Policy, aimed at guaranteeing Clients, Customers, Interlocutors Institutional, to all the Interested Parties and to ISARail SpA itself the utmost confidence in the independence, impartiality, integrity, confidentiality, legality, seriousness, professionalism and reliability of its work, as well as in the value and credibility of the conformity judgments made.

The Management's commitment to pursuing the purposes indicated is also highlighted by disseminating this Policy to all the Interested Parties and by emphasizing the relative contents in the declarations and documents connected with the activities of ISARail SpA.

To this end, the Company Management has defined, documented and disseminated to all its Members and Interested Parties a Business Management System inspired by the principles of independence, impartiality, integrity, confidentiality, legality, seriousness, professionalism and reliability in the provision of conformity assessment services, as well as ethics, honesty and transparency in the management of relationships with Clients, Customers, Suppliers and with the Accreditation Body and with the Institutional Interlocutors responsible for regulation and control in the railway sector, promoting at the same time a consolidated internal culture of awareness of one's role and responsibilities. Principles of impartiality, independence and integrity that the General Management pursues also thanks to the establishment of a specific Supervisory Committee for the Safeguarding of Impartiality as a further tool for the implementation of an effective mechanism to safeguard impartiality.

The Policy is implemented in an organic Company Management System, completely documented and implemented, intended as a tool for regulating internal activities and for demonstrating to all the Interested Parties the compliance of the work with the sector rules and regulations and compliance with aforementioned principles.

For this purpose, the Company Management has the following quality objectives:

 promotion of the internal culture of quality;

 accountability of professional resources on the reliability of the opinions of conformity expressed;

 effectiveness and uniformity of approach to conformity assessment activities;

 development and updating of skills through continuous training;

 promotion and sharing of experiences, pursuing the professional growth of collaborators;

 continuous improvement in the provision of products / services that comply with the specific requests, in the manner, on time and in compliance with the assigned budgets;

 analysis and prevention of problems and weaknesses and commitment to continuous improvement;

 research and continuous updating on problems, technologies, methods and regulations regarding the interoperability of the railway system and railway safety;

 selection and use of adequate and competent professional resources;

 constant enhancement of internal resources, also through periodic evaluation processes;

 full collaboration with the Accreditation Body and with Institutional Bodies;

 care of environments and working conditions for the protection of the health, safety and well-being of collaborators;

 rigorous selection, made according to high standards of professionalism and reliability, for the Suppliers of products that are critical for the compliance and / or the quality of the services provided.

The Company Management undertakes to take an active role in pursuing these objectives, in promoting the awareness that they represent the reference standard of action by all those who operate in the management and operational processes of ISARail SpA and in pursuing continuous improvement. performance, through the identification and management of critical factors related to company activity.

In the belief that by operating in compliance with the aforementioned principles and through the pursuit of the quality objectives set for the purpose, together with the technical skills, it is possible to achieve levels of excellence in the provision of conformity assessment services in the railway sector, the Company Management it also undertakes to operate by achieving and maintaining the requisites of competence, independence, impartiality and integrity prescribed by the rules and regulations applicable to the company activity, as well as all the previous accreditations and acknowledgments reported, undertaking to keep the Company Management System compliant with the requirements standards and regulations for this purpose provided for in each of the railway subsystems and sectors for which conformity assessments are carried out.

The commitments connected with the pursuit of the general objectives outlined above are translated into an annual framework of specific objectives, to the achievement of which all the members of the organization are required to contribute, for the part of their competence.