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About us

ISARail SpA is a European company founded in 2000, private and independent, which operates in the field of safety assessment of railway systems.

This activity is, in particular, operated as an Inspection Body (ISO / IEC 17020:2012) and Product Certification (ISO / IEC 17065:2012), accredited for the assessment of conformity to technical and safety requirements, therein including those defined by the CENELEC railway standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129, of components and subsystems of the conventional and high-speed railway system, in relation to which it identifies the reference regulatory framework and defines and implements suitable test and inspection methods to demonstrate compliance with applicable requirements.

In this regard, ISARail SpA has obtained the following accreditations for the conformity assessment activity as a Type A Inspection Body (accreditation No. 065E) and Product Certification Body (accreditation No. 227B) accredited by ACCREDIA.

In addition, it has obtained the following awards.

Recognized by the National Agency for Railway Safety (ANSF) as an Independent Railway Body (OIF) pursuant to Article 3, crr of Legislative Decree 50/2019 in the verification of railway components and subsystems relating to all subsystems, of structural and functional nature.

Notified Body (identifier 2424), authorized to carry out the conformity assessment procedure or the suitability for use of the interoperability constituents, as well as the EC verification procedure with reference to the subsystems of trans-European high-speed and conventional rail systems.

Pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of MIT n ° 37 of 28.06.19, ISARail SpA is qualified to take on the following roles:

• NoBo n.2424 "Conformity Assessment Body" responsible for conformity assessment activities, pursuant to article 37 of Directive (EU) No. 797/2016 with Ministerial Decree MIT No. 5 of 04.04.2020;

• DeBo: Designated Body - "Conformity Assessment Body" responsible for conformity assessment activities, pursuant to art. 15 c.8 of the Directive (EU) n ° 797/2016 with DM MIT n ° 28 of 05.05.2020;

• OC-ECM: Certification Body (OC) of the Entities Responsible for Maintenance (ECM) accredited pursuant to EU Regulation No. 779/2019 (valid for wagons and vehicles other than wagons) with MIT Ministerial Decree No. 6 of 04.04.2020 ;

AsBo: Assessment Body of the risk management procedure accredited pursuant to Regulation (EU) No. 402/2013 (CSM Assessor) with Ministerial Decree MIT No. 27 of 05.05.2020.

The Company is therefore able to operate ensuring effective control over the methods prescribed by the legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to its activities, codified in an articulated company management system fully documented, while ensuring the necessary skills, effective planning and organization, as well as the safeguarding of the requirements of confidentiality, independence, impartiality and integrity.

The qualifying elements of the services provided by ISARail SpA are constituted by the availability of innovative methodologies, rigorously validated before application, by a systematic management of the skills of the personnel employed in any capacity and by many years of experience gained in the management of evaluation activities of railway systems, the cornerstones of which have been effectively extended to the regulation of other activities carried out in critical scenarios.

In this regard, in order to carry out inspections in environments that are difficult to access, technologies have been developed for the instrumentation of non-intrusive detection systems, capable of providing reliable support for the collection of evidence for the elaboration of conformity judgments.

From this point of view of inspection, investigation and certification of the result, the "RPAS" project was born, used as a tool for the efficiency of monitoring techniques of the different types of infrastructural degradation found in places that are difficult to access, without compromising the reliability of the evidence that can be used for the evaluation. The goal is to certify compliance by improving processes and methodologies.

The constant surveillance work carried out by the Bodies responsible for issuing the various awards (MIT, ANSF, ACCREDIA and ENAC) provides the company reference market with a primary guarantee on the maintenance of the requisites envisaged and on the professionalism with which the services offered are provided. The continuous updating of the staff, the professionalism and accuracy of the verification reports and field investigations is also highlighted and confirmed by the inspections to which the entire Management and Technical System of ISARail SpA is subjected.